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Support reading success from school to home

Empower children to continue learning with Square Panda

Things look different this school year. Whether in school, at home, or in a blended model, we want to empower children to continue to learn to read independently. That’s why we’ve created two separate offerings for educators and parents. Select an option below to learn more:


I’m an educator!
  The new Distance Learning Program provides 5 Home Edition Playsets for every School Edition Playset purchase with a site license, so you can support parents and students at home.  
I’m a parent!
  We know how important it is to keep your child’s education on track at home. Right now, we are offering a discount for the Square Panda Playset Home Edition and SquareTales book membership.


Proven in Schools. Loved by Families.

The Square Panda Literacy System identifies where children are in their reading development and keeps them challenged, excited, and engaged. Based on brain research, a multisensory approach engages children throughout their literacy skills development. Children build foundational literacy skills, moving from letter identification and letter sounds to blending and reading books!

  • Adaptive, personalized instruction to keep children in their optimal learning zone. 
  • Instruction scaffolds as concepts are introduced over time.
  • Real-time progress reporting in the Parent Portal & Teacher Portal provides insight into what children are learning.
Square Panda Playset
SwipePhonics Blending Engine Technology
11 free learning apps
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