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Special Offer! Square Panda School to Home Engagement Program

Strong foundational reading skills build successful independent readers

With school closures, we know the transition to distance learning isn’t easy.


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The School to Home Engagement program is designed to provide quality literacy instruction and support so the student can work independently at home. It’s fun for students, easy for parents, and provides feedback in the Teacher Dashboard so their teachers can stay connected and provide support—even when they can’t be with the student.

To support your emerging readers at home, our complimentary offer includes:

  • Complimentary site license through 7/31/2020
    • SquareLand adaptive learning app and SquareTales digital books
    • Square Panda Teacher Portal
    • Onboarding webinar and customer support
  • FREE Home Edition Playsets valued at $49.95 for participating families (while supplies last)
    Note: Home playsets are not for classroom use as they require batteries, are not rechargeable, and are not optimized for pairing in a multi-student setting.
Join the School to Home Engagement Program
Thank you for your interest in the Square Panda Literacy Solution. Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you to see how we can help support your educational needs.
Please note this offer is not available for single classroom implementation at this time.
Connect Teachers to Home Learning

The Teacher Portal dashboard provides student progress data from both the classroom and home. New “toggle views” of both sets of usage data allow teachers to monitor progress from afar and compare it to progress made in the classroom. This data provides valuable insights the teacher can use to better support the student and their parents during distance learning.


Proven in Schools and Used by 36,000 Families

The Square Panda Literacy System identifies where children are in their reading development and keeps them challenged, excited, and engaged. Based on brain research, a multisensory approach engages children throughout their literacy skills development. Children build foundational literacy skills, moving from letter identification and letter sounds to blending and reading books!

  • Adaptive, personalized instruction to keep children in their optimal learning zone. 
  • Instruction scaffolds as concepts are introduced over time.
  • Real-time progress reporting in the Parent Portal & Teacher Portal provides insight into what children are learning.
Square Panda Playset
SquareTales e-books
11 free apps
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